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“Mapping health inequalities in cardiovascular disease using mapping software at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland”

InstantAtlas in action



What is your project?



How did you come across InstantAtlas?



How did you get started?


Our research team has been collecting routine data sets for patients with heart disease. This includes information from GP registers, prescription data and secondary care (hospital) data and is over 35GB. Since each patient has a unique identifier, it is possible to link this information with socio-economic data and identify inequalities in health outcomes. Learning how to use InstantAtlas was straightforward and we were able to easily map the complex patterns hidden in large amounts of data.


What sort of feedback have you had on the interactive maps?




How are you going to develop the interactive maps?


At the moment we are providing health planners and clinicians on the front line with a real snapshot of the pattern of variation. I would like to take this further so we can start to see variation between different district health boards and even analysis at electoral ward level – which is far less common here than in other countries. I am also keen to update our templates to the HTML versions to be more accessible for the end-users.


What are the benefits of using this mapping software?


  • We can show complex data on outcomes and socio-economic deprivation in an easy-to-visualise format
  • Non-GIS expert colleagues are equally able to use the maps as those with GIS experience
  • InstantAtlas allows the same data to be interrogated in several different ways, e.g. different age groups
  • We have been able to present the data using different cartographic methods and colour schemes using the same fixed legend, which means there is consistency for someone comparing patterns between Māori and non-Māori populations, for example.




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