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National Cancer Intelligence Network - NCIN

“Presenting cancer information in an easy to understand format for all to access”
















Trish says the Cancer e-Atlas is the most popular page on the NCIN website. “We have more than 1,500 unique visitors each month.”


“It covers the whole of the UK, and users can drill down to look at information about specific tumours with mortality and survival rates in whichever area that they choose.” Trish has also produced promotional material to raise awareness of the map and attends relevant conferences to get the word out.


Future developments


The NCIN is beginning to produce daily dashboards using InstantAtlas technology for NHS trusts so they can check the data submitted to the cancer registries, and it has also produced an equalities atlas.


The plan for the future is to keep producing regular updates and also look at producing new data visualisations for other data that become available. “We know it works so we are keen to take any new data and put it in this format,” says Trish.


Key Benefits


  • Data visualisation has helped the NCIN meet one of its core objectives – to get data into the hands of the public and healthcare professionals
  • The e-atlas gives users access to information that prompts further, more in-depth questions
  • The interactive online format allows a large amount of data to be visualised in one go



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