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National Assembly for Wales Research Service

“How online mapping software is helping Welsh Assembly Members and their support staff access statistics about their local areas”


Interactive Maps of Unemployment Data National Assembly for Wales

Youth engagement programme: This allows Members to measure communication with young people in various different settings, such as primary and secondary education.  By logging any outreach meetings that were made in a particular setting, the data was then displayed as an InstantAtlas report allowing the Assembly to see where they had been and arrange visits for constituencies that needed more engagement.


Due to the amount of data (five years’ worth with around 2,000 engagement settings per year) the atlas was extremely complex, but we were able to customise the programme using Javascript and the inbuilt InstantAtlas filtering tool to filter out settings which had not been visited. The user could also filter by region of visit, language and also type of setting while still keeping the data filtered by the relevant year.


How does the programme benefit users?


The atlases are easy to use and is accessible to a wide range of people whether they are experts or not. The atlases gives users the chance to access information as and when they need it. The majority of atlases are now available to the general public and some have been incorporated into the induction sessions for new staff working for Assembly Members. We needed a web tool to provide an easy way of engaging with lots of people. Some options required expert knowledge or the ability to set up and host web-based data base, but InstantAtlas simplified it all.


Benefits of using Instant Atlas:


  • Makes it easy to share data in an accessible, aesthetically pleasing way that can be used and understood by everybody


  • Easy to set up, without the need to understand complex web-technologies, such as programming languages or databases


  • Customisable, so if you can extend its functionality using JavaScript, for instance


  • In Wales the Welsh and English languages must be treated equally, and all outputs from the National Assembly for Wales need to be bilingual. This is easy to achieve in Instant Atlas, as you can just drop the translated text over the current text in both the data and in the user interface.

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