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GeoWise is the UK market leader in delivering off-the-shelf Local Information Systems (LIS) and Data Observatory solutions. Our experience comes from more than 60 implementations of InstantAtlas Server across local government and NHS organisations in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Detail about InstantAtlas Server is available on our product pages. This area of our site, the LIS Resource Pack, provides information on LIS resources that we have put together over the last 5 years. They are aimed at two key audiences:

  • Those in the early stage of their thinking about management of local intelligence, more evidence-driven processes, and partnership-based data exchange.
  • Those who have set up some form of LIS but are looking to improve data management processes and better integrate with other corporate processes.

The Resource Pack includes online seminars, documents, reports and web links.  It also includes details of the LIS Data and Report Packs we have put together in partnership with OCSI

Local Information System resources

InstantAtlas 2014 Workshop Review

reporting tools for government statistics


LIS Webcasts

LIS Data Packs

Document Library

LIS Examples

Census Data Mapping

InstantAtlas User Group

2012 User Conference - Presentation Archive

OCSI Data Packs for Local Information Systems

Customer Sites

Warwickshire Observatory

Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames | Kingston Data

West Yorkshire Data Observatory

HaInfo - Harrow Council

Havering Data Intelligence Hub

St. Helen's Analysis & Research Exchange

Derbyshire Observatory

TalkLIS Interview

reporting tools for government statistics

Discussions on our customer experiences and challenges in developing a local information system for their communities and partners.

Interview #5 with Tim Healey, Corporate Research Officer, (Coventry City Council) & Jamie Whyte, Data Innovation Specialist, (Trafford Council)

Listen to the interview

Interview #4 with Stephen Croney, Information Manager (Newham Council)

Listen to the interview

Interview #3 with Lyn Baran, Group Manager of Suffolk Observatory (Suffolk County Council)

Listen to the interview

Interview #2 with Gurjeet Rajania, Senior Research Officer: Consultation and Customer Knowledge and Hendrik Grothuis LIP Project Manager (Cambridgeshire County Council)

Listen to the interview

Interview #1 with Matt France, Customer Insight Analyst (Research and Intelligence) Rochdale MBC and Jonathan Caunce, Intelligence Analyst, Wigan Council

Listen to the interview

Local Information System Stories

Croydon Observatory

West Yorkshire Data Observatory

Hertfordshire County Council

London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

St. Helens Metropolitan Borough Council

London Borough of Newham

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Harrow Informed

London Borough of Havering

Darlington LIS

Bury Insight

Somerset Council

Suffolk Data Observatory

Nottingham City Council

Conwy Borough Council

Cumbria County Council

Trafford Council

East Riding Data Observatory

Fingal County Council

Wolverhampton City Council

Staffordshire Data Observatory

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Wigan Borough Partnership

Worcestershire County Council

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Bristol City Council

Brighton and Hove Partnership

Local Government Data Unit Wales

Coventry Partnership

Warwickshire Observatory

Other customer stories of interest

East Sussex County Council

Gloucestershire County Council

Devon County Council

Perth and Kinross Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

Borough of Poole

Pembrokeshire Council


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