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How Liverpool PCT is using data presentation to improve access to its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment


Liverpool primary care trust is leading 2020 Decade of Health and Wellbeing for the Liverpool City region. The PCT’s vision is to achieve transformational improvements in health and in service provision and significant reductions in health inequalities.

The PCT’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) helps commissioners get a better understanding of current and future the health, care and well-being needs of people in Liverpool, and is produced jointly between the Primary Care Trust and City Council.

Colin Wilson, Intelligence Analyst Liverpool PCT, says the PCT wanted to display the JSNA data in a more engaging way – previously it had presented the data in tables and reports that were made available on the website.

Getting started

The Joint Health Unit (a collaboration between Liverpool PCT and Liverpool City Council) decided to use InstantAtlas to present the JSNA in a visually-compelling format. The unit pulled in data from various sources including: mortality rates; life expectancy; percentage of smokers; cancer related deaths and education data (GCSE passes).

Meeting the need

Colin believes that once the JSNA reports go live they will be very useful for anyone involved in commissioning services, such as GP consortia. “The JSNA report is aimed at anyone who has an interest in service delivery, such as health and social care organisations, the voluntary sector and partner agencies such as the Police. They will be able to find useful information displayed in an easy-to-access format,” says Colin.

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Once live the unit will promote the website and offer training in how to get the most from it but the launch activity is still being planned. The feedback from senior managers involved in the project has been positive and they are very impressed with the access to ward-level intelligence.

Future developments

The site will need to be updated with the latest population statistics and Colin says there is also likely to be some further work to do once Liverpool PCT joins the Merseyside PCT cluster (alongside Sefton PCT, Halton and St. Helens PCT and Knowsley PCT).

Key Benefits

  • Once live the site will help to answer routine queries which currently take up time and resource to address
  • Data presentation gives users instant access to a wide range of local data at ward-level
  • Users will be able to manipulate the data to produce bespoke reports
  • Organisations outside the healthcare profession will be able to access, interrogate and make use of the data

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