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Illinois Criminal Justice

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority - presenting crime data in an informative, interesting, and easy-to-navigate format

Future development


Mark explains that the Unit is hoping to add greater depth of data as the data presentation on its website currently covers up to half of what is available in-house. “We are also trying to get information at a more granular level because users have told us that they want to be able to drill down into the detail,” he says.





















Other benefits are:


  • Using InstantAtlas helps the Unit present the latest data without having to maintain a library of static PDFs
  • Data presentation has helped the Unit spot anomalies in the data before live reports are created
  • The Unit’s analysts can now spend more time on collecting new and more nuanced data
  • The Unit is able to keep all its data in one location which helps with integration and timeliness of reporting







Getting started


“We felt InstantAtlas could deliver what we wanted and decided to go ahead,” says Mark. The single map analysis tool is one of the three ways that users can now access the data. Users are able to explore how Illinois counties compare to each other on any given crime or justice indicator.


Much of the information the Unit collects is at the county level and the data visualization covers a wide range of categories. Mark says users are members of the public, groups looking for funding and government users and the feedback so far has been good. One aspect of data presentation the Unit has found useful is that it picks up errors in the data before it is published. “We didn’t intend for it to be used for data checking but you can tell if data points have been transposed. There have been several occasions where we were about to publish and then we noticed something just in time,” says Mark.



















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