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InstantAtlas is an inexpensive, powerful data visualization and presentation tool. It enhances the value of educational performance or attainment data by making national, state, district and individual school patterns easy to see and explore.


InstantAtlas is well-established around the world for the presentation of demographic, socio-economic, health, education and other community data. More recently, organizations are using InstantAtlas to develop interactive data presentations and dashboards dedicated to the needs of educational planners and policy makers. We have picked out a few live examples below, with focus on the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. With InstantAtlas, users can access your data easily and quickly on many relevant themes such as school age demographics, or for monitoring educational performance and attainment scores by area or by school. Pre-school preparedness data (reading and numeracy skill levels) can be mapped to identify areas or neighborhoods needing priority attention. In some communities ensuring equal opportunity for all and the social inclusion of minorities or children with special needs are priorities. These issues can be best visualized though a combination of carefully configured maps, graphs and tables to provoke thoughtful discussion. Maps can be used to monitor progress in the introduction of a new curriculum or examination system. More specific mapping tasks can include tracking which schools offer which learning facilities or course options (see Bremen Language Atlas below).


Simple to implement


You can take data from a spreadsheet, add your boundary file, publish an InstantAtlas stand-alone dynamic report and place it on your web site, or intranet. Typically, this can all be done in less than a day. The software itself is intuitive: You do not need any special technical knowledge or training. And for preparing your data, you use familiar tools. InstantAtlas comes with ready-to-use templates that can be customized with the Designer module. You only buy the templates that you need to present your data. Output your data in HTML5 or Adobe Flash formats for maximum accessibility.



Educational Attainment Atlas | Warwickshire Observatory

Schulatlas-Mannheim educational-attainment-interactive-atlas-warwickshire-observatory


This interactive presentation of official school statistics tracks changes in school populations, class sizes and transition rates from primary school into higher levels through time. Forecast counts are presented as well.


The City of Mannheim, Germany places importance on equal opportunity in education, including data here to track integration of the five largest foreign population groups in each school across the city.


Click image to see interactive report


The Educational Attainment Atlas at the Warwickshire Observatory is a visually powerful and well-designed example of how the appearance of an InstantAtlas dashboard can be customized to an organization and its audience.


Presenting data at three different geographic levels across the county, themes include GCSE attainment results, proportion of special needs pupils and counts of persons neither in employment, education nor training.


Click image to see interactive report


Baden-Württemberg - Data atlas for education reporting

Educational Attainment | Pinellas, Florida (USA)

Baden-W%C3%BCrttemberg-Data-atlas-for-education-reporting educational-attainment-pinellas-county-double-map-atlas


The education data reporting atlas of Baden Wurttemberg, Germany is updated annually. The data spans education themes in both general and vocational schooling.


Core data are derived from the official statistics of the Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg. Supplementary data covers early childhood education, childcare and demographics. Where possible, the indicators are presented over time to expose trends.


Click image to see interactive report


This interactive double map dashboard from Pinellas, Florida is one of many atlases at Pinellas Indicators that cover educational themes to address the community priority of equal opportunity to learn and succeed. The example here tracks educational attainment across eleven levels of outcomes.


Each level can be mapped across the cities of Clearwater and Saint Petersburg. With the scatterplot graph, each outcome can be compared and correlated visually to other outcomes by census tract. This reveals patterns of commonality as well as highlight outliers in certain city neighbourhoods.



Click image to see interactive report


Sprachenatlas | City of Bremen


This atlas provides an overview of the language options in general education schools in the city of Bremen, in the various districts and individual schools. This includes information on the grade level at which the language is taught to beginners and more advanced pupils, including courses targeted to foreigners in their mother tongue.


Click image to see interactive report



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