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InstantAtlas Desktop is a set of tools for designing, populating and publishing Dynamic Reports:


The Desktop Foundation Course is designed for users with no previous or limited experience of InstantAtlas Desktop Edition, or those familiar with the product who seek to refresh their knowledge. Trainees learn to publish InstantAtlas dynamic reports with different map layers, integrate and update indicator data, apply personalised designs and distribute the reports over the web or electronically to a wide variety of audiences. The training is exercise-based to ensure that trainees gain hands-on experience of the software.

Desktop Foundation Course content:

Introduction to InstantAtlas Desktop

  • Product overview
  • Installing and activating

The InstantAtlas Templates

The InstantAtlas Publisher

  • The Publisher menus
  • Adding base, contextual and background map layers
  • Editing map layer settings
  • Publishing subsets of map features
  • Configurations and colour profiles

The InstantAtlas Excel Data Manager

  • Installing the Excel add-in
  • Formatting data for InstantAtlas
  • Filters and metadata links
  • Comparison areas
  • Associates
  • Data in multiple worksheets
  • Exporting data from Excel to update a report

The InstantAtlas Designer

  • The Designer menus and toolbar
  • Canvas and alternative views
  • Moving, resizing and deleting components
  • Editing component properties to modify functionality
  • Inserting custom buttons, images and text
  • Adding buttons that toggle components
  • Editing styles to change colours and fonts

Meeting Specific Reporting Needs

  • Displaying metadata in the form of "metatext"
  • Defining display settings for specific themes, indicators or dates
  • Setting the map to zoom when a filter is applied

Area Profile Reports

  • Characteristics of the different configurations
  • Preparing data for the different configurations
  • Configuring the display properties of the Spine Chart component

Distributing InstantAtlas Reports

  • Intranet/Internet
  • CD/DVD
  • Email

Duration and Style

The Desktop Foundation course is a two-day course and can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Online - classroom training delivered via webinar software
  • Edinburgh - classroom training at our offices in Edinburgh, UK
  • On-site - training at your premises at your convenience


You can view the pricing information here:


You can view the Calendar for the online and Edinburgh training. On-site training can be arranged to suit your preferred dates.


To book or to find out more contact Support. You may also be interested in the Advanced Course.


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