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Crime Mapping and Reporting with InstantAtlas | Background

InstantAtlas is being used at a national, regional and local level in the following areas:

  • Reporting of crime statistics to external citizens - this application area is covered
    in detail on the JDI Crime Science Lab web site
  • Reporting of crime statistics to internal staff and partners, for example
    performance reports to management,
    delivery of local policing profiles, out-of-the-box neighbourhood information systems
    and area profile reporting tools
  • Highly interactive presentation tools to use in community workshops,
    management meetings or one-to-one sessions

Our report outputs can be linked to databases to deliver live crime dashboards or they can be completely stand-alone and portable. Stand-alone reports require no database or Internet connection yet still deliver a richly interactive user experience. This makes them ideal to load onto a laptop, CD or memory stick for presentations and interactive workshops. Follow the link for more information about specific InstantAtlas product options.

Crime and Community Safety Examples

Below we have included some recent crime reporting profiles for UK local authorities using InstantAtlas Server to report crime rates for their areas.

Internationally, this dynamic method for presenting crime statistics, crime detection rates and crime solving rates is generating a lot of interest, particularly in Germany. Examples are available to view for Germany as a whole and another example for Chile.


Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services | Data Dashboard (Flash report)

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority | SAC (Flash report)

Cambridge, UK - Cambridgeshire Atlas - Victim & Offender rates pyramid (HTML 5 report)

AIRO, Republic of Ireland - Recorded crime monitoring tool (HTML5 report)

See post by Dr. Pierre Jenkins, Head of InstantAtlas Support - Using InstantAtlas to visualise rates and counts using Police Workforce data for England and Wales, March 2013

For further information please contact the Support team.

See examples of Crime Mapping